Nutrisystem For Women


If you are wanting to loose weight fast, Nutrisystem for women is a plan you may be interested in. This is
America’s number 1 weight loss plan for women that was started in 1972. The plan is easy to follow with
meals being delivered right to your doorstep. You are in control of what meals you want with most of the
plans. The foods are healthy versions of things that you love. Foods are made from high quality
ingredients and the company strives to offer diverse options to cater to the different tastes of individuals.
And whats more is the program is safe and effective to follow.

This plan has a money back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with your first order, you can call
them within 14 days and be issued a full refund . You will first need to ship back any meals that you have
remaining. The money back guarantee is only good for your first order and is only good for Nutristystem
Core, Basics, Uniquely Yours, and Vegetarian plans.


As stated above, there are different Nutrisystem for women plans, each having their perks and benefits. Below, we go into the top plans:

• Basic

The basic plan starts at just $10 a day. This is a kit that has foods that are pre-selected.
There is free FedEx shipping on this 4 week plan. There are many great food options within this
plan, such as Chicken Noodle Soup, Cinnamon Raisin bars, burgers, Lasagna, White chocolate
chunk cookies and more.

This is a great plan when starting and if you diet permits all of the food groups in it. I have personally tested this plan for several months and the quality was outstanding. This plan is quite varied, which is one of its biggest upsides.


The core plan starts at just $11 per day, slightly more expensive than the basic plan, but nothing that will break the piggy bank. With this plan, individuals will be able to pick the foods they eat or they can choose the favorites pack, which contains some of Nutrisystem’s favorite meals. There are over 100 foods to pick on this plan. Foods will also be shipped free via FedEx. Food choices include loaded baked potatoes, double chocolate muffins, Flatbread pizza,
and honey mustard pretzel bites. This plan offers unlimited support from counselors and
dietitians, as well as tools and resources you can use to meet your goals.


In terms of flexibility, the core plan is top tier out of any meal prepping system. There are so many variations and choices that it will literally make your head spin.

• Uniquely Yours

Uniquely Yours starts at just $12 per day and is the top rated program that has the biggest and best variety of foods, including frozen foods. You can mix and match frozen foods with non-frozen foods to have a menu that you truly love. This plan is delivered via FedEx for free, and includes the support from both counselors and dietitians. You will have access to an app that will help you with your weight loss goals. Foods available on this program include
pancakes, hamburgers, stuffed spinach shells, red velvet whoppie pies, and more.

I am personally not the biggest fan of frozen entrees so this option isn’t for me. But it is great if you find the selection of choices fitting for your taste buds and diet.


The Vegetarian plan starts at $12.50 a day. You may choose your meals or can pick the favorites pack. This plan has over 90 choices available for food, such as Apple Cinnamon oatmeal, vegetarian chili, or cheese tortellini. You will also have access to the online tracking tool and app as well as support from counselors and dietitians. It is usually difficult to find quality vegetarian meal prep systems. Nutrisystem for women does a great job in implementing a vegetarian diet with great quality and taste, while keeping everything within the vegetarian guidelines.

Additional Info

With all of the plans, each individual will be allowed to eat 6 times per day. Daily calorie intake will be between 1200 to 1500 calories. This will allow individuals to loose an estimated average of 1-2 pounds per week (according to Nutrisystem’s research). When I was using the basic and core plan, I had lost a little over 2 pounds per week, but this also included excising for an hour every other day, which i’m sure played a big part in my weight loss in partnership with the caloric management. Fresh fruits and vegetables can accompany meals. Meals that are delivered to your doorstep will be full of fiber to keep you fuller longer and have the right mix of nutrients that your body needs to fuel itself. Meals will be high protein with zero trans fat and no MSG. Protein will account for 55%, while smart carbs (low glycemic) account for 25 %. The other 20% comes from fiber, fat, and sodium. More then 120 of the foods on this plan have no artificial preservatives. This plan meets the USDA guidelines for fiber, protein, sodium, carbohydrates, fat, trans fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol.

Breakfast is touted as the most important meal of the day. With Nutrisystem, you are able to pick delicious items that will help jump start your mornings. These choices include golden French Toast, egg and turkey sausage roll, peanut butter granola bars, biscuits and gravy mix, vegetable scramble, and turkey sausage and egg muffin. Break is my favorite meal of the day. I’m so happy that Nutrisystem for women does have great options for breakfast as well. Sometimes I find myself getting out of bed faster in the morning, just thinking about their breakfast options, which goes great with coffee or tea.

Nutrisystem allows individuals to still eat the desserts that they love and often crave. Dessert choices could range from ice cream sandwiches, orange cream bars, lemon crisps, chocolate pudding, fudge bar, chocolate brownie sundae, tiramisu, cinnamon roll coffee cake, and stuffed apple pies. Each plan will allow individuals to add flexibility to their meals so one can enjoy meals eaten out or enjoy a night of cooking. Nutrisystem will help individuals learn skills to stay healthy for life, even after they have gone off Nutrisystem. As with every diet plan, there are pros and cons that many will encounter. We listed some of our top Pros and Cons below for you to weigh to help you decide if Nutrisystem is right for you.

• easy to follow program
• teaches portion control
• large variety of foods to pick from for any Nutrisystem plan
• eating 6 times per day
• convenient
• healthy
• proper mix of macronutrients and calories
• support is offered on all plans except for the basic plan
• able to customize meals. offers one of the highest-customization meal prep systems.
• money back guarantee
• delivered right to your doorstep
• based on Glycemic index
• 30 different snacks to pick from
• only take minutes to heat up in your microwave
• has a 1 week free trial membership
• no in person meetings required
• could give you more energy
• helps to improve your health

• a bit on the expensive side compared to less-renowned meal prep systems
• if you are allergic to latex, you should be careful with certain options (foods that do not need refrigeration often require latex packaging)
• not family friendly when it comes to children options
• this is not a lifetime dietary program
• meals are not all fresh, with some being frozen
• chocolate has been reported as being tasteless
• tuna and chicken salads have a very strong flavor
• some reports say hamburgers fall apart once they are heated up
• should avoid alcohol while on the program
• should not be used by pregnant women, those with special dietary needs, anyone with allergies,
and those that suffer from chronic kidney disease
• not ideal for those that like to cook or eat out


I hope this has shed some light on the Nutrisystem programs for women and whether or not they are right for you. I have used Nutrisystem off and on for almost a decade and find it amazing how much it has improved over the years. There has been more competition, but Nutrisystem, in my opinion, has always stayed on top of the curve. They offer much more customization options than most and the program is always delivered promptly and on-time, which is critical when you are trying to really manage your eating habits. In addition, Nutrisystem was first built for and around women’s dietary needs, which is still its largest target. The price-point is very solid in my opinion, even though some do say its a bit on the expensive side. I think of it this way, most restaurants cost over $20 for a lunch now. In this regard, Nutrisystem is actually cheaper, gives you just much options, and helps your lose weight at the same time. This is a win-win in my mind.

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